Finnish supervisors' association


Finnish supervisors’ association was founded in 1982. Members are well trained and qualified supervisors. Association is a non-profit organization and works as an advocate of Supervision nationwide. 

One of the association’s main aims is to link supervisors with different kinds of supervising approaches and training together. Another goal is to support, promote and develop Supervision to meet the needs of today’s working life and enhance the quality of Supervision e.g. by criteria for training programs and recognizing them.  

Finnish supervisors’ association publishes professional journal called Osviitta. Association also contributes to the research of supervising, provides training to the members and organizes conferences.


Supervision provides to professionals, practitioners, managers, teams and workplaces a contractual, supportive and developmental process to explore and learn in practicing, working and collaborating. Supervision facilitates reviewing work-related experiences, emotions and challenges and finding a new perspective to them. Supervision is offered to individuals, groups or organizational. Sometimes Supervision may be provided also via telephone or Skype. 

Clearly defined objectives will help Supervision to succeed. Targets are revised during the process. Supervision process generally takes at least a year, 15-20 times, 1-1.5 hours at a time. Recommended supervision interval is once in two to four weeks. Supervision is strictly confidential and supervisor is bound by confidentiality. 

According to the ethical guidelines a supervisor acts loyally but impartially with the supervisee and organization. In case of ethical issues or differing Supervision guidelines you can approach the Ethics Committee of Association. 

Supervisor STOry

The members of the Finnish supervisors’ association are recommended to use the title Supervisor STOry.